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Spoon Cook Book

Spoon Cook Book
Spoon Cook Book cover
  • Author:
  • Alain Ducasse

  • Language:
  • English
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  • Publisher: LES ÉDITIONS D'ALAIN DUCASSE Reference: G375
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Like Alain Ducasse says: “We wanted to create, innovate, and change! Our sincere desire was to address the new generation’s expectations. In fact, the recipe for our culinary ambitions was simple: freedom, modernity and openness to the world… while maintaining respect for each product and cultural identities. Now, as I look at this book, I realize that we were so caught up in heat of the moment that we didn’t see our child grow up. Today, I rediscover the mature child, and I must say that I’m proud.

What this book reveals is clear: the cuisine that we have created is neither artificial nor merely a “concept”, as some publicists would say. It is a living cuisine with its own identity and personality that is not linked to any specific region or geography.

But neither is it the sum or combination of several regions. Like a child, this cuisine does not belong to its parents or anyone else… perhaps it belongs only to those who prepare or eat it.

Today it thrives in our Spoon restaurants where it is constantly evolving. The book you have in your hands will help it move from the kitchens of chefs out into the world. Thanks to this great work, you too will be able to prepare meals that will send you on a journey. And as the good parents we are, we’ll be the proudest in the world”.

Spoon cook book is the manifestation of Alain Ducasse’s sincere desire to delight the new generation of “experimental epicures” and to remain resolutely contemporary.

Spoon cook book presents 200 recipes created by Alain Ducasse and his chefs Christophe Moret, Frédéric Robert, Massimo Luvara and David Bellin. They found inspiration in the various Spoonrestaurants worldwide, from Saint Tropez to London, with stopovers in Paris and Mauritius.

Fusion, creativity, dynamism, and modernity: these are the main concepts driving the culinary art found in this book. Ingredients are blended, associated, combined and creation takes place... in total freedom! In these pages, the proper balance rests, on the one hand, on the harmonious combination of sauces and main dishes, and, on the other, on the merging of recipes and their illustrations.

Thomas Duval’s background in fashion photography undoubtedly gave him the creative eye needed to perfectly capture the cuisine of Alain Ducasse. The photographic style he conceived for Spoon cook book finds its force in translucence and matter. Duval plays with symmetry, perspective, and light, deserving his rank among today’s great contemporary artists, along with the featured chefs.

Thomas Duval successfully met the challenge presented to him by Alain Ducasse. Shifting emphasis from the material plate to the wonders of each product, he was able to reveal the concealed “soul” of the ingredients: through the translucence, the eye is able to read the fibers and discover the purity of the products, their very essence. Duval deconstructs dishes in order to rebuild them and create a new work of art, a veritable contemporary still life. Though his association of color, shape and light, he leads us on a discovery of ethnic trends. Duval blends and creates, not unlike the masters behind the cuisine found in Spoon restaurants. He understands the culinary identity of each element, and has successfully managed to grasp and express their spirit graphically.

Spoon cook book has a preface by Anthony Rowley and an introduction by Patrick Jouin; its photos reveal a “cuisine of motion”, a “spirit of adventure” and a “creative energy” that transcend these recipes that find their inspiration in the “Spoon mystery”. The images disclose the very essence ofSpoon –fascinating beauty at the service of infinite imagination– where chefs become painters, architects, magicians and performers in turn.

Spoon cook book unearths the full potential of culinary art. Here, creativity and design come together to become one, accentuating the unique blend of flavors, colors and fragrances found in each recipe.

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