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Sollo. River Cuisine

Sollo. River Cuisine
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  • Author:
  • Diego Gallegos

  • Language:
  • Multilingual Edition: Spanish/English Available In Other Languages
  • Specifications:
  • Edición bilingüe /Bilingual edition
  • 24x32 cm
  • 256 págs.
  • Tapa dura/ Hardcover
  • ISBN:978-84-7212-161-4
  • Publisher: Montagud Reference: G560
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Diego Gallegos (São Paulo, Brazil, 1985) has opened a new course with different tributaries, the source of which is his restaurant, Sollo. Sturgeon, trout, tilapia, salmon, barbel, black bass and wels catfish. The flesh of each of them, and their roe, are the means by which Diego Gallegos seeks to channel his goals. Among them he includes a guest of honour: the white-clawed crayfish, which is currently advancing along a winding road to oblivion. The chef relationship with them transcends the kitchen: he reads, draws on the wisdom of experts, investigates… His strategy is based on the knowledge that the dish plays a dual role as goal and final consequence.


  • Like a river
  • How Sollo works


  • Sturgeon chicharrón
  • Sturgeon zurrapa
  • Sturgeon sobrasada
  • For the sturgeon chorizo
  • Morsollo
  • Sturgeon fin consommé
  • Caviar and cream millefeuille
  • Boquerón?
  • Sturgeon with onions
  • Sturgeon tripe stew
  • Beluga lentil stew
  • Spicy sturgeon
  • Sturgeon confit
  • Oregano cheese
  • Smoked river cheese
  • Yellow river cheese
  • Snowball
  • Citrus dessert
  • Caviar and extra virgin olive oil bonbons
  • Our Jewel


  • Smoked trout kimchi
  • Navarre-style trout
  • Freshwater salchichón tartare
  • Organic trout ceviche with dried caviar
  • Trout escabeche
  • Trout roe and crème fraîche
  • Trout loin with garlic

For the eel

  • Causa limeña with eel confit
  • Eel and cherries
  • Marinated eel
  • Quinoa, okra and eel risotto
  • All i pebre


  • Tilapia lotus
  • Tilapia chilcano
  • Our oyster
  • Tilapia tiradito
  • Slow-cooked egg, porcini mushrooms and cured tilapia roe


  • Soy-marinated salmon with egg and caviar
  • Salmon roe mochi
  • Curried salmon with tandoori peas and wild rice
  • Smoked salmon feijoada
  • Gyoza and dashi broth


  • Barbel moqueca
  • Barbel, sweetcorn pamonha and citrus

Largemouth bass

  • Largemouth bass pirao
  • Vegetable spaghetti with a riverine Bolognese sauce

Wels catfish

  • Wels catfish and roe tartare with chicken jus over oyster leaf
  • Marinated wels catfish


  • Crayfish bisque
  • Stuffed crayfish claws
  • Index of recipes in alphabetical order
  • Index of recipes by section

Other Languages

Sollo. La Cocina De Río

Sollo. La Cocina De Río

Diego Gallegos

42.00 €

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